Are you in the US Army and do you need help paying your mortgage? You may get help now, thanks to a new partnership between Fannie Mae and the Army. The purpose of this initiative is to help those in the service or military families suffering from a death or injury who are having trouble paying their mortgage. Under Fannie Mae's "Unique Hardships" guidelines, military personnel will be eligible for a mortgage payment forbearance of up to six months. You may be eligible if:

  • You are ineligible for or do not want to get a refinance.
  • You are facing a financial hardship due to either an injury or loss of spouse in active duty.
  • You are several months behind on your mortgage payments.
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After the forbearance period has ended, you still need to repay the amount that was reduced or suspended. However, there are options for doing this:

  • Move the payments to the end of your mortgage, which will lengthen the term.
  • Make a one-time payment for the amount.
  • Add a specific amount to your payments each month until the arrearages are repaid.

What if you are still undergoing hardship after six months?

If you are still struggling with your mortgage payments after the forbearance period is over, you may be able to qualify for a modification that would permanently change the terms of your mortgage.

Jeff Hayward, senior vice President of Fannie Mae’s National Servicing Organization, says that "No family impacted by a death or injury in the line of duty should have to face the additional burden of foreclosure as a result of the hardship."

Service members or surviving spouses who may be eligible for the special forbearance should contact their mortgage company. With the forbearance, a mortgage company can reduce or suspend monthly payments for service members or surviving spouses for up to six months. The credit bureaus reporting on these families will be suspended to minimize any derogatory impact to their credit scores.

The number for the hot line military families can use to get more information is 877-MIL-4566, or you can go to visit for information.