The latest HUD scorecard shows that HAMP mortgage modifications are finally making inroads with America's middle class of homeowners. The data released this morning shows that the Making Home Affordable programs are reaching middle income homeowners and providing them with real payment relief.The January Housing Scorecard showed the following:

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* More than 4.1 million modifications were implemented between April 2009 and the end of December 2010 -- over twice the number of foreclosure completions during that same period (1.7 million).

* Homeowners in HAMP permanent modifications continue to perform well afterword, with re-default rates lower than industry norms. In the 12 months after receiving a HAMP loan mod, nearly 85% of homeowners remain successfully in their modified plans. Homeowners in HAMP permanent modifications have already reduced their mortgage obligations by more than $4.5 billion so far.

The Administration also released the Making Home Affordable Data File which contains borrower financial information, mortgage terms before and after entering HAMP, performance in a HAMP modification, and race/ethnicity.

Key findings that emerged from a preliminary analysis of the MHA Data File include:

*To date, most program participants are financially-distressed middle-income homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages. Borrowers who received HAMP modifications have a median annual income of about $46,000; a median credit score of 570 upon entering the trial period; a post-modification loan balance of just over $232,000 and a median loan-to-value (LTV) of 118%.

* Of borrowers disclosing their race and ethnicity, African-Americans make up 18% of active permanent modifications and Hispanics 26%.

* Homeowners in permanent HAMP mods got their monthly mortgage payment cut by a median of just under 40%. And 18% of homeowners in active permanent modifications got over $1,000 lopped off their payments.

HAMP mortgage modifications have helped those with mortgage credit problems get relief from their payment burden and allowed them to keep their homes. This data in encouraging.Troubled homeowners trying for a HAMP modification should take heart from these statistics and persevere in their efforts.