Beware of Bad Credit Refinancing Scams

By Gabby Hyman
Mortgage Credit Problems Columnist

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Have I got a deal for you! There's this bridge. It spans the East River, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. True, it's an old bridge, opened for service on May 24, 1883. But that's why I can offer it to you at an amazing low price���if you act now! If this sounds good, you may be a prime sucker for advance-fee loan sharks that prey on people seeking bad credit mortgage refinances. Read on: there are ways to arm against bad credit lending thugs.

Don't be offended, it's easy to become one of the many unwary poor credit borrowers who, feeling ashamed or desperate, grab hold of what looks like an attractive come-on from fraudulent lenders who promise speedy mortgage refinance relief from your misery. Their ploy is to ask for an advance fee on your bad credit refinance application, stating that the payment will dramatically improve -- if not flat-out guarantee -- your odds of getting a low interest poor credit loan.

If It Has Fins, It's a Bad Credit Loan Shark

There's a way to make a critical distinction between a genuine bad credit lender and a scam artist reputedly offering poor credit mortgage refinance packages. First off, a legitimate lender will respond to your questions for information -- a scam artist will pester the dickens out of you, usually out of the blue.

A legitimate bad credit refinance lender may in fact ask for application and processing fees, but these will come out of your loan itself following approval, not in advance from your pocket. If a lender sends you a firm offer without direct personal contact, raise the hurricane flag. Remember, no legitimate poor credit refinancing lender will claim that your loan is guaranteed before they process an application, check your credit, and your income-debt information. Take your time, be wary, and evaluate several companies before moving ahead.

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