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  • "2-28" ARM Can Be a Good Choice for Borrowers

    MortgageCreditProblems.com, a primary source of mortgage lending information and bad credit mortgage loans for people with poor credit, offers guidance for borrowers taking on "2-28" adjustable rate mortgages. A recent article explains the benefits of these ARMs, how to shop for them, and how to use them effectively to improve credit and finances.

  • Subprime Lending Market

    The subprime lending market is experiencing turbulence, and MortgageCreditProblems.com can help people with bad credit find a home loan in a landscape of fewer choices. The mortgage industry has been upset recently by the consequences of increasing foreclosures and defaulting loans. While financial analysts discuss the future of Wall Street, the impact on borrowers is keen: fewer lenders with whom to work.

  • Tax Debt

    Some of the unlucky taxpayers who receive a bill instead of a check may find themselves in a bind and unable to pay their tax debt, leading to serious consequences and a bad credit rating. MortgageCreditProblems.com, a top mortgage site specializing in mortgage lending information for people with credit problems, can help taxpayers who have gone astray with the IRS.

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